Joining a ride

Joining a ride…

Try to be at the Parson Woodforde at least 15 minutes before the start time so that you are ready for the off. Each of our rides will have a “ride leader”: an experienced member of the club who will have planned the route and will set the pace. If you are new, please make yourself known to them so that they know who you are and let them know (honestly) your riding speed and experience.

We have just two rules that all riders must abide by:

  1. You must wear a properly adjusted cycling helmet and,
  2.  You must sign in on the ride sheet (this is an explicit condition of our club insurance); the dated sheet will be by the pub bar. Please note that you ride with WVCC at your own risk; our insurance relates only to The Club’s third party liability.

In addition, please make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and that your bike is well maintained and fully roadworthy. Bring spare inner tubes, tyre levers and pump and be sure that you know how to fix a puncture (do ask if you don’t and we’ll be happy to show you – punctures are an unfortunate fact of life and they will happen to you!). A mobile phone is a good thing to have… as is some cash for the café stop and the WVC bar! Always bring plenty to drink and some snacks – particularly for longer rides. Lights are essential for evening rides.

What to expect on the ride…

Riding in a large group is a rather different experience to riding on your own or with a couple of friends and can feel a little strange at first. It requires a greater degree of concentration, cooperation and communication if all are to ride safely and go home with smiles on their faces!

The essence of successful group riding is that all changes of speed or direction should be smooth and gradual and that every member of the group is aware of what is going on in front and behind them. To this end, riders in the group ride “conservatively” (with their hands covering the brakes and ensuring that they are applied smoothly when needed) and use a limited range of agreed hand signals and/or “shouts” to communicate. If you’ve ridden with a club before you may well have come across this way of riding. Be aware though that not all clubs use the same words or gestures!

Our main cycling and social base is The Parson Woodforde in Weston Longville and most of our group rides start and finish at the pub. The pub has just been taken over by a new management team, and we have been made very welcome before and after rides.

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